GeoTol Pro Fundamentals Program

This Program is available in multiple formats. For Program Details, click on one or all of the following:

On-Site Training

Learn the latest ASME Y14.5 – 2009 Tolerancing Standards from the top GD&T training professionals in the field.

We can provide a variety of on-site GD&T training programs on-site at your location. The programs can be combined, expanded and customized to meet any need great or small.

Hundreds of multi-colored computer animated graphics and video clips are used during the on-site training.

Wood and plastic models of parts and inspection equipment (CMM routines surface plate, angle pate, sine plate, V blocks, go/no go gages, height gage functional gages, etc.) are demonstrated in the presentation to provide the participants with a physical learning experience. The model demonstrations always get rave reviews from those in the quest to understand geometric tolerancing.

The on-site GD&T training courses incorporate loads of practical student exercises that are interspersed throughout the program.

We interact with students in real time using wireless transponders and we can track and monitor the progress of the group. The interaction is fun and it keeps everyone involved in the process.

Participants are encouraged to bring parts and prints to class for discussion and evaluation.

TCI can combine any or all of our Core Programs to fit your company’s indivdiual needs.

In addition to our Core Programs, we can combine one or all of the following:

  • Inspection Techniques
  • Measurement Data Reporting
  • Print Reading
  • Mentoring & Consulting

TCI can also create Custom Programs specifically tailored to your company.

On-Site Information and Requirements

Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs to work with engineering drawings.

  • Product Engineering
  • Vendors
  • Quality Control
  • Inspection, CMM & Layout
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Tool Engineering
  • Tool Makers
  • Suppliers
  • CMM Programmers
  • Production Engineering
  • Purchasing
  • Shop Floor

The candidates for the on-site GD&T training are usually mixed from engineering, manufacturing, quality, tooling, and production. The discussions allow everyone to work as a team, using geometric tolerancing to build quality, economical parts. The open discussion with a good mixture of people is highly beneficial.

Program Delivery

The programs usually accommodate up to 20 to 25 participants.

To keep personnel on the floor, we often present 2 programs concurrently during the week. Program I runs for 4 hours per day in the morning, and Program II runs for 4 hours in the afternoon. This delivery format does not take everyone off the floor at the same time. If a person misses the morning, they could always attend the afternoon. Extra time is made available to meet with plant personnel, view facilities, and help with in-plant problems.

Training Workbooks

Training workbooks, pocket guides, materials and workshop problems are programmed to follow along and are provided to all participants. The workbooks will serve as a valuable guide for future “on the job” reference. The smaller pocket guide contains the most important points to remember and necessary formulas.

Location and Facility Requirements

GD&T Programs can be conducted on-site or a suitable off site conference or training room. The facility should contain an electronic projector that can be used with a computer and a large table up front and a white board.

On-Site GD&T Training available worldwide

We have associates located around the world. We travel globally or have local instructors that can provide on-site GD&T training, in your language any where in the world.